Wednesday Comic Corner

Some of you may remember the good ole days of video gaming, where when you got stuck you grabbed your big brother or called your best friend over to help. The two of you would sit down and with countless hours of work you finished the level in a blaze of glory.

If that wasn't an option, or if you were the bookish sort, you could pick up a stand alone strategy guide or the walk through in a gaming magazine. With awesome cutting edge screen caps and dazzlingly 90's clip art, you page turned your way to victory.

We have a lot more options these days. Now that many of the beloved print options are no longer available (with the exception of official strategy guides), we have at our disposal countless forums, websites dedicated to every aspect of the game, and Let's play and walk through videos on YouTube.

Some would argue that gaming is now too easy, that all of the easy one man options have taken away from the cooperative in-person spirit of gaming. Others would argue that this has freed us from our ignorance, that now we can experience every hidden area and bonus dialogue ourselves.

I'd like to hear from you, the modern gamers: Is it okay to use YouTube videos and forum walkthroughs to get through games when you're stuck, or is it better to fight the good fight on your own with a buddy by your side? Leave your answers in the comments.

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