Do you have TOO MUCH HOMEWORK???

With school starting up there’s a lot to think about… seeing your friends again… what teachers will you have… & how much homework are you going to get every night?

This is becoming a heated issue, with some saying there’s way too much, causing kids to stop reading for pleasure. Sara Bennett [co-author of the book The Case Against Homework, which can be found at the Paseo Verde library] organized the parents at her child’s school and had a homework policy instated that limits tests to 2 per week, declares Monday test-free & banned school projects over certain vacations. More on this topic can be found at
CQ Researcher. The article is "Students under stress".

A USA Weekend.com article by Tom Loveless suggests that teens today don’t have enough homework. The article states that learning takes time, but other things are taking up teenagers time like socializing with friends, extracurricular activities, television & part time jobs. The article also recommends a target amount of homework of 10 minutes per day per grade. (10 minutes for 1st graders, 90min for 9th graders, 120min for 12th graders.)

What do you think?