Wednesday Comic Corner

Now that the excitement of the election and the release of a few highly anticipated video games have passed, its time to talk turkey.

The Avengers vs. X-Men series came to conclusion late last month, with the weigh in that everyone was a winner.


In summary, the phoenix force, through the use of several of the X-Men as hosts, undid Scarlett Witch's spell that powered down and prevented the birth of any more mutants, thus saving the X-Men series.

There was talk for a while that this would be the last serial before the epic relaunch of all the major Marvel titles, but we shall see. The AVX series was so popular, there may yet be some work to do with it.


Wednesday Comic Corner

In case you needed a boost of happy today, here is a post full of Totoro!

A Totoro bed~
Latte art is the yummiest art!
Okay, this one I'm not sure whether to think this is amazing or just kind of creepy.


Happy Movember

"Movember" brings awareness to men's health issues by encouraging men to grown a mustache all month long. Even if you can't grow your own, you can certainly sport a dashing mustache in many different forms! Draw one on your finger to hold above your lip, tape one to your dog's face (just kidding!), or pin a plastic one to your shirt to show your Movember spirt.

Oh yeah! You can also stop by the Green Valley Library Teen Lounge to see the Movember display. There might be a few suprises for you once you get there too ;-)


Happy Movember Everyone!


Halloween Wrap Up

Whew! Things are finally starting to calm down after that Halloween whirlwind! Here's what we did at Green Valley:

Thai String Dolls (One-Eyed One-Horned Flying Purple People Eater, and Merida from Brave)
Teens at the first annual All Hallow's Read book exchange

Youth Services staff in the Teen Lounge on Halloween

Hope your Halloween was as fun as ours was!