Teen Volunteers Recommend

The Collector by John Fowles. Reviewed by Chloe.


A butterfly collector takes his interest in a girl named Miranda to a new level of obsession when the thought of kidnap crosses his mind.

How did you like it?

The Collector is a suspensful novel that will leave the reader wondering the outcome of Miranda and Frederick's circumstances until the end. The novel gives insight on a strange and disturbed man as well as a fascinating young woman with a will to survive. It's easy to read and is definitely fast paced. It is exciting and still thoughtful. Though I read it for school, I would have read this book for fun anyway.

Teen Volunteers Recommend

Teen volunteers earn credit and have a good time helping us out at the library. They spend their volunteer hours working on crafts for story time, shelving DVDs, cleaning up, and more, but what do they do in their spare time? Well, sometimes they read! To keep up with volunteer- recommended reads, keep coming back for Teen Volunteers Recommend. . .

Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier. Reviewed by Kayla.


A young middle-class woman begins the novel as an assistant to an older woman. When she meets Maxim de Winter, they become friends and soon marry. Upon moving into his home, she is haunted by Maxim's deceased wife, Rebecca. Her death by drowning is causing a mystery at the castle.

How did you like it?

Overall, this novel is entertaining. I read it for school, but it is something that I would read on my own. Maurier is a great descriptive writer, and the characters' emotions are realistic. This book does not try to idealize love or be a scary thriller. It is especially interesting that the author does not give the main character a name. Her writing evokes interest in the reader.


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