Beyond Vampire Reading List

So you're tired of Twilight? Yeah, me too. So is Betsy C., a staff writer at Teen Ink (which, by the way, is a pretty cool place to get your writing published if you're a teen and you like to write). Here's a link to a very short article recommending some non-Twilight books with strong female protagonists. There are a lot more where these came from, so feel free to ask for some recommendations next time you're at the library:)


Thrill the World!

Zombies are taking over Gibson Library this Saturday!
Support your fellow teens during a worldwide simultaneous dance event to break the world record for the most people dancing to Michael Jackson's Thriller at the same time! The dance begins at 4:30pm sharp but you'll want to come early! Starting at 1pm we'll have all things ZOMBIE from jeopardy to crafts, even zombie themed snacks! (dont' worry, we won't be feasting on braaaaains).
Thrill the World also kicks off a month-long food drive to benefit Three Square, so don't forget to bring a canned good to help fight hunger in Southern Nevada!



Here are some spooky things to do during the month of October! For even more ideas, visit http://www.reviewjournal.com/entertainment/events/halloween/

Galleria Mall at Sunset
Halloween Fun Town Carnival
Mon-Fri 4-10pm, Sat-Sun 12-10pm

The District at Green Valley Ranch
Carnival of Horrors-Trick or Treating
Sunday, October 314-7pm
“The site of an old run-down traveling carnival is a great place to pick up some candy for some trick-or-treating excitement! Just watch out for the side-show characters who have been hanging around this place for years and years and years. Kids can trick or treat from a number of ghoulish carnival characters, and take a ride on The Carousel of Doom! Sponsored by Mix 94.1 FM”

Fright Dome at Circus Circus
Thursday-Sunday 7pm to midnight
“Spread throughout five acres, this haunted theme park features dark, fog-filled attractions complete with ghoulish and gore-clad professional actors. Fright Dome includes roaming scare actors, high powered strobes, multi-colored lasers, and eerie sound effects”
Tickets are $34.95, but there is also an option for a group tour. Visit Frightdome.com for more details.

Pumpkin Smash at Shooting Park
Clark County Shooting Park archery range, 11357 N. Decatur Blvd.
10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Oct. 30
$8 general admission, $4 for children 17 years of age and younger
More info: 702-455-2000
The "fun shoot" will consist of an archery shoot at paper pumpkin targets and a shoot-out every hour at pumpkins that ooze green. Hot dogs and drinks will be available for purchase. There will also be balloons for the kids. The age groups will be 8 and under, 9 to 11 years old, 12 to 17 years old and 18 years and older.


FREE Dew Tour Tickets

Are you into all things BMX and skateboarding?

You're in luck, because Henderson Libraries is giving away FREE TICKETS to the Dew Tour Champtionships at the Hard Rock Hotel on October 16th!

If you wanna score these free passes, ask how at your library's Youth Services Desk. But hurry! We have a limited number of tickets available!


101 Fun Things for Fall

From About.com, here are a bunch of ideas to keep fall fun. Head over to the actual site for how-to links!

1.Drink apple cider.

2.Make a friendship bracelet and send it to your friend.

3.Start or update a checking account.

4.Plan a Harvest Party.

5.Plan a Halloween Party.

6.Plan a fun filled trick with friends.

7.Hike a rail trail and check out the fall foliage.

8.Ride a trail on a ATV.

9.Stuff a scarecrow.

10.Make a leaf rubbing.

11.Make a gravestone rubbing.

12.Tell a ghost story.

13.Take a picture looking up into a fall foliage tree with your cell phone and send it to a friend.

14.Write a note to a friend that is far away.

15.Leave a motivational quote on a friend's social networking page.

16.Write a thank you note to someone who has helped you.

17.Play a murder mystery game.

18.Make a fall or Halloween pin using our safety pin patterns.

19.Make falling leaves earrings.

20.Visit a corn maze.

21.Make a blue jean craft for school.

22.Eat candy corn.

23.Decorate for Halloween.

24.Take a hunters safety course and go hunting.

25.Attend a school football game.

26.Attend a high school soccer game.

27.Attend a school field hockey game.

28.Attend a volleyball game.

29.Learn a new make-up trick.

30.Write a haiku about a leaf you've found.

31.Offer free babysitting for one night to someone who could use the break.

32.Take pictures of the fall foliage.

33.Join a new school club or invite someone new to a club you are in.

34.Picnic at a local park.

35.Have an overnight movie marathon.

36.Have a bonfire/campfire complete with marshmallows.

37.Bike five miles.

38.Sketch a tree that is losing its leaves.

39.Play in a pile of leaves.

40.Volunteer in a community effort for your local food pantry.

41.Camp in your backyard.

42.Visit the local library and ask what is coming in that you may be interested in.

43.Sit or look outside and write a poem.

44.Sit or look outside and write a song.

45.Sit or look outside and write a play.

46.Start your novel.

47.Make a website.

48.Give your social networking page a fall look.

49.Friend someone famous on your social networking page.

50.Write in your journal, "My Top Ten Favorite Fall Activities".

51.Get your community's events list for the fall and attend an event.

52.Get a new hairdo.

53.Watch last year's cool fall flick on DVD.

54.Go to this year's cool fall flick in the theater.

55.Make a leaf t-shirt.

56.Make a fall leaf shaped collage out of fall fashion magazines.

57.Go pumpkin picking.

58.Go on a hayride.

59.Take your dog/pet for a mile-long walk.

60.Clean out and organize your junk drawer so you have room for this school year's junk.

61.Create a sidewalk mural with chalk, use a fall theme.

62.Have a fall color scavenger hunt.

63.Make a Taffy Apple Pizza Dessert for your family.

64.Write in your journal: "10 Things I'm Thankful For".

65.Got a sibling in college? Send them a goofy picture.

66.Read something that moves you emotionally.

67.Read something funny.

68.Take a poll of your friends on something you feel is an important issue.

69.Do a crossword puzzle.

70.Put together a jigsaw puzzle.

71.Learn one thing about your favorite actor/actress that you didn't already know.

72.Roast pumpkin seeds.

73.Collect pine cones for the holidays.

74.Make a new after school snack.

75.Start a new healthy habit.

76.Visit a historical site.

77.Play hopscotch.

78.Organize a yard sale.

79.Organize your favorite links.

80.Add a folder for homework help sites to your favorite links.

81.Add a folder for sites on a new interest to your favorite links.

82.Think of three ways you can make your life better. Employ at least one of them.

83.Create a family newsletter to send to your whole family.

84.Create a cartoon character.

85.Hug your parent, a friend and yourself.

86.Play Apples to Apples.

87.Join a book club.

88.Play with Magnetic Poetry.

89.Experiment and decide what way is the best way to eat leftover turkey - journal it.

90.Carve a Pumpkin.

91.Make a dream catcher.

92.Paint a funny face on a pumpkin.

93.Make place cards for dinner.

94.Change something about your bedroom.

95.Give your email signature a fall look.

96.Paint your nails in a fall color - toenails too!

97.Make Apple Cinnamon Lip Gloss.

98.Take a bath in Autumn Peach Bath Salts.

99.Create a school friends scrapbook album.

100.Learn how to make a favorite family recipe.

101.Write out your school holiday schedule on the family calendar.