Teens Read Review by Emma

Defining Dulcie by Paul Acampora, is the story of 16 year-old Dulcie Morrigan, who, after her father dies in a fatal custodial accident, is dragged from Newbury, Connecticut to California. But when her mom threatens to sell the last piece of her father left, Dulcie hightails it back to her hometown in her dad’s old fire-engine-red Chevy to find some sanctuary in her grandfather. But when Dulcie’s grandfather’s new employee, Roxanne and Roxanne’s suspicious mother are added to the mix, you can tell Dulcie’s definitely not going to forget this summer.
I thought that Defining Dulcie was a wonderful family story. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about Dulcie and what she thought of the events around her. I liked that she is sarcastic and humorous, but you can see her sensitivity shine through her tough exterior.

“And yet Dad’s accidental demise fast-forwarded me into some kind of real-life-meets-Cartoon-Channel thrill ride, a crazy collection of episodes and moments that made me pause in front of small mirrors and whisper, ‘Dulcie, are you all right?’ The girl in the reflection usually answered, ‘I think so.’ But sometimes she’d say, 'Define 'all right''."

I also liked how the author made it seem that the only thing that was keeping the situation from falling apart was the tight family bond seen throughout the book.

“Frank wiped his hands on the back of his blue workpants, “It seems to me,” he said, “that the wind is blowing from west to east today Roxanne.” Then he turned to me and gave me a big smile. Before I knew what was happening, he wrapped me up in a huge Frank Morrigan hug. “And look what the wind blew in,” saidFrank, “Just look what the wind blew in."

Overall Defining Dulcie is a heartwarming story about how family is glue keeping all of life pieces together. At only 165 pages, this is a short read, perfect for those times during summer when you’re taking a break from the sand and away from your friends. Two thumbs up!


Who you gonna call?

Improv Everywhere is known for playing "extraordinary pranks in ordinary places." You've probably seen the group impersonating Best Buy employees, or asking, "Where's Rob?" at a Knicks game. My personal favorites are, of course, the pranks that take place in a library! Check out this video of the group busting some ghosts at the New York Public Library! NYPL actually invited the pranksters to put on a scene in order to bring attention to the library in the midst of budget cuts. My favorite quote from the story?

Guard: Sir, what are you doing?

Rodgers: Um… haunting the library.

For more library pranking fun, check out the Library Musical by Prangstgrup:

I wanted to end this with a video from the recent episode of Glee where a stereotypical librarian calls the gleeks cute after their performance of M.C. Hammer's "U Can't Touch This," but the video was removed from YouTube! At any rate,  if there are any awesome performers out there who want to stage a musical number in my library, I say bring it on. My manager might say otherwise, but I guess there's only one way to find out!


froZEN 75

Looking for something to do on a Saturday night? Why not hang out at Club froZEN 75? This teen only night club is a place to meet people and enjoy some of today’s hottest music.

"Club froZEN 75 is open every Saturday from 7:30 to 11:30, and there is a $15.00 cover charge. Come dressed to impress… that means no plain t-shirts or sportswear!"

Be sure to visit their website below for important information on rules of conduct and restrictions.



Hey Anime Fans!

Have you had a chance to visit VIZ Anime? It's Viz Media's new interactive website that includes more than 400 episodes from its hit series, such as Bleach, Death Note, Honey & Clover, and Naruto Shippuden. Episodes can be streamed for free and new ones are being added weekly! Viz hopes the new site will encourage its anime fans to connect with each other, discuss their favorite shoes, and offer ratings and opinions of hte various episodes. So what are you waiting for? Start streaming!

Or if you prefer some face-to-face interaction with other Anime fans, you really should check out the monthly Anime Club meetings at the Gibson and Green Valley Libraries. Head to Henderson Libraries' calendar of events to check it out!