Who you gonna call?

Improv Everywhere is known for playing "extraordinary pranks in ordinary places." You've probably seen the group impersonating Best Buy employees, or asking, "Where's Rob?" at a Knicks game. My personal favorites are, of course, the pranks that take place in a library! Check out this video of the group busting some ghosts at the New York Public Library! NYPL actually invited the pranksters to put on a scene in order to bring attention to the library in the midst of budget cuts. My favorite quote from the story?

Guard: Sir, what are you doing?

Rodgers: Um… haunting the library.

For more library pranking fun, check out the Library Musical by Prangstgrup:

I wanted to end this with a video from the recent episode of Glee where a stereotypical librarian calls the gleeks cute after their performance of M.C. Hammer's "U Can't Touch This," but the video was removed from YouTube! At any rate,  if there are any awesome performers out there who want to stage a musical number in my library, I say bring it on. My manager might say otherwise, but I guess there's only one way to find out!

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