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Each month a different topic that is a hot spot either in the news or amongst our teenage readers will be highlighted. The purpose is to put the information out there for you to have, to show both sides of the story to get you thinking, and then for you to add your comments so that you have a forum for your voice and can learn what other teens think too.

This months issue is illegal immigration. It’s been in the news a lot lately. It was a topic discussed with the recent elections. And many community teens have been voicing their opinions about this in local schools. But how much do you really know, and how much do you think you know?

To get a good understanding of both sides of the issue, check out
this article
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What is the White House Guest Worker Program?
Find out here

For a summary of the Real ID Bill click here

Whenever trying to understand current issues, it’s always a good idea to understand the history leading up to the present. For a brief overview look here

If you have ideas for future Hot Topics please either leave them as a comment, or email me at mtspiller@hdpl.org.


DDR Recap

Thanks to all the teens who made our DDR event a success! We had about 25 of you here at the Paseo Verde Library on Saturday afternoon. We had some expert players there who really tore up the floor and some beginners who had a good time learning to play.



We're hosting a Dance Dance Revolution party at the Paseo Verde Library this Saturday, October 21 at 2:00PM. Play DDR with your friends on our big screen. We'll have water and healthy snacks to keep you going.


October Book Club Book

The book we are discussing for our October Book Club is The Hole by Guy Burt. It is about six teenagers who find a small deserted cellar at their school. Inside the cellar is a hole. Five of the teens climb down a rope ladder into the hole, and the sixth teen pulls up the ladder, closes the door, locks it from teh outside, and walks away. They were planning on staying in the hole for three days, then emerging to become part of the greatest prank ever played at the school...except it doesn't work out that way. No one returns to let them out. Read this book and post your comments here to participate in our online book club!

Check Out this Resource!

Do you ever have to write papers about current issues? Need some background about these issues? Or maybe you need opposing viewpoints? Check out the CQ Researcher database for all the information about current issues. You can access the database by going to our home page (http://www.hdpl.org/). Once there, you'll want to click on the "Online Databases" link. If you are accessing this page from home, you'll have to enter your library card number next, so make sure you have it handy. Once in the databases, scroll down to where the databases are listed alphabetically, and click on the "CQ Researcher" link. This will take you to all the information you might need on current and controversial issues!

Stress Management Workshops for Teens

Teens—You’re back in school, involved in organizations, have
volunteer or employment commitments, and you still need time for family, friends and yourself! How can you manage it all?

Attend our Stress Management workshop, presented by
Dr. Glenda Insabella to help get a handle on how to manage your stress and cope with the demands of your life!

Tuesday October 10, 2006
Malcolm Library
2960 Sunridge Heights Pkwy., #100
Please call 263-7522 to register

Gibson Library
280 S. Water St.
Please call 564-9287 to register

Thursday October 12, 2006
Pittman Library
1608 Moser
Please call 565-5816 to register

Paseo Verde Library
280 S. Green Valley Pkwy
Please call 492-6581 to register


Stay With Me by Garret Freymann-Weyr

This beautifully written novel explores how Leila's life changes after her half-sister, Rebecca, commits suicide. While she wasn't very close to Rebecca, Leila's life is impacted by her sister's death, as well as by the effects of Rebecca's death on the rest of her family. Haunted by why Rebecca felt it was necessary to end her life, Leila attempts to solve the big mystery of why Rebecca committed suicide and discovers many things about herself along the way. This poignant story is about family, love, and self-discovery.