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Iron Man 3 Review

I'd like to preface this by stating that Iron Man isn't necessarily my favorite comic book character. I enjoy the part he plays in the Avengers comics and crossovers such as Civil War, but by no means do I seek out his individual title.

Now lets talk about the Iron Man movies. I think that Robert Downey Jr. does a fantastic Tony Stark. Although some of you might have someone in mind, I personally can't think of someone who would do a better job. And this is why I like him in the movies more than I do the comic books: movie Tony Stark can be a snarky jerky, but when you dig deep he's a good guy. Comic book Tony Stark? Not so much.

The third installation is a little different from its predecessors in that the novelty of being Iron Man has worn off. References are made to the previous incidents in New York and his time with the Avengers, and Tony Stark is much more under the radar than he has been as of yet.

There are heartwarming moments, a bucketful of one-liners, and more gratuitous explosions than you can shake a stick at. I saw it twice, and the first time I was very satisfied with the story and how everything turned out.

When I got roped into going again, I had done a little reading (see the following articles- possible spoilershttp://kotaku.com/why-many-in-china-hate-iron-man-3s-chinese-version-486840429http://jalopnik.com/how-iron-man-destroyed-5-86-million-in-cars-alone-490614169http://io9.com/iron-man-3-the-fall-and-rise-of-tony-stark-489236523) and so I went in with a new perspective and saw some plot parallels to a certain older video game title, Resident Evil 5 (Highlight to see).

With a lot of great titles coming to theaters this summer and fall, including the next installment of Thor, Iron Man 3 is a good movie to get those summer blockbuster juices going. And remember, one does not simply go to a Marvel movie without staying for the funzies after the credits.

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