The Next Big Thing

Take a look at the books in the running to become all the rage once the Hunger Games fervor cools down (I know. . . it won't happen any time soon). Here's a list of YA titles that either will beome or might become movies in the next couple of years. Which one are you excited about?

The first title on the list, Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl, is one of my favorite books from the past few years. It's always checked out, but I never really hear anyone talking about it. I have a feeling that will change come next February when the movie releases. What's it about? A Caster (a.k.a. much cooler name for witch) girl meets an unsuspecting southern guy, and things get complicated. Lena faces her sixteenth birthday with trepidation because she knows she will become either a good witch or an evil one on that day. What happens is unprecedented, and it leads into a series full of witchcraft, demons, and people who turn out to be more powerful than they appear. It's deliciously dark and intriguingly southern. Give it a try! Search the catalog!

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