A Visit to the Thingiverse

Have you been to the Thingiverse? It's a website featuring items created with a MakerBot 3D printer, and it's pretty amazing! I came across these today while reading about a public library in New York that will soon have a fabrication lab with these 3D printers available for public use! Designs are created with 3D modeling software (Sketchup is a free, open source version you can download from Google). The Thingiverse contains downloadable designs for printing everything from household tools to robot toys, to the mustache pictured below:

Find this project here.

 At just over $1,000 per printer, the machines are much more affordable than other 3D printers (they can go up to $250,000). Of course, it's still beyond most of our expendable budgets. Would you enjoy the library more if we let you design and print 3D objects???

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