So I just finished reading an awesome book! Beautiful Darkness by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl is the second installment of the Caster Chronicles, a southern gothic supernatural series set in tiny (and some might say backwoods) Gatlin, South Carolina. Earlier this year, I devoured Beautiful Creatures, and I just couldn't wait to get my hands on the next book! The tale is dark and romantic, and it's beautifully written. You can almost feel the humidity and taste the southern cooking!

Beautiful Creatures by Kami GarciaBeautiful Darkness

Ethan Waite was an average teenage guy until he met Lena Duchannes. All he ever wanted was to escape his small town life for college somewhere far away-- especially after his beloved mother died in a mysterious accident and his dad went off the deep end. Then he literally met the girl of his dreams (dreams from which he often woke covered in soil or water), and began to learn that there's a lot more to Gatlin than meets the eye. Lena is a caster. You might call her a witch, but she'd just laugh at you. The Caster Chronicles  follow Lena from birthday to birthday, as she learns whether she will practice light or dark magic. It's a big decision for her because her family is cursed, and her decision carries very real consequences.

In Beautiful Darkness, Lena remains confused about her future, and she's convinced she doesn't fit in anywhere. Her romance with Ethan is heating up to the point of electric shock, but she keeps pushing him away because she fears she may be Dark, and she doesn't want to hurt anyone else. When John Breed, a mysterious demon/caster hybrid makes his way into Lena's life, Ethan finds himself on a dangerous underground journey to save the girl he loves, accompanied by his best friend Link, caster-librarian-in-training, Liv, and a cat named Lucille. In the caster tunnels below Gatlin and beyond, the trio meets demons and vexes who threathen to suck the life right out of them, quite literally. This book kept me turning the pages, and I can't wait for the next one!! Beautiful Darkness comes out on October 12, and it'll make a great read to get you in the Halloween spirit! If you haven't checked out Beautiful Creatures, make sure you grab it quickly, so you'll be ready for this one!

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