What The Dickens: The Story of a Rogue Tooth Fairy by Gregory Maguire

A fierce storm has been raging for days and Dinah and her siblings are under the care of their young uncle Gage while her parents have gone for supplies. Gage tells the children a story from his childhood to quiet their fears and get them all through the tumultuous night. The tale he tells may or may not be true, but Dinah couldn't care less.

What-the-Dickens is born a tiny orphan Skibberee. He doesn't know who he is or what his place is in the world, only that he has a deep attraction to a cat named McCavity and her magnificent teeth. His penchant for all things dental gets What-the-Dickens in plenty of trouble and hurls him into the path of another young Skibberee. She could be his ticket to living a true Skibbereen life, but What-the-Dickens doesn't know if that's what he wants or even if he'd be welcome as a stranger among his own kind.

Forthcoming September 2007

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It sounds okay but
I probably would only reaede it once